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We are now taking deposit for all of our services in Brows Microblading, Permanent Make up and Lashes . Please refer to our Policy for more details. Your card will be charged $100 when making appointments for all services. The booking will be reviewed and manually accepted or declined by us. When you have made an appointment online, it does not mean that your booking is accepted. We will email you to advise if your booking is accepted or declined. We only refund you in case your appointment is declined. We will try to refund you as soon as possible but it will take up to 5-10 days for the refund to be arrived your account. You need to download and fill out the Health and Consent form then email us for initial consultation and confirm your booking. 

(Booking within 24 hours might not be accepted. We will contact you to confirm or reschedule as we might not be able to arrange our staff at short notice.)


You can download the form here for brows microblading :   

Special announcement,

- We have recently changed our prices separately for master service and general brows artist for some services

- Phibrows Microblading Package Deal which includes microblading & touch up within 6 weeks only: $500 when booked with general brows artist. $680 with Master Judy Nguyen. Your schedule for the touch up within 6 weeks will be set after your 1st appointment. If you reschedule your touch up booking for any reason and it falls out over 6 weeks time from 1st service then you will need to pay extra $130.

Please book online here:   

Please read information below before making appointment!

Pre-microblading Procedure

- Clients should not be on blood thinning medication 

- 48 hours before treatment no alcohol , no aspirin or ibruprophen and no caffeine consumed in the day of procedure

After Care

First 24 hours, clean gently your eyebrows with clean, warm water by using cotton pads, then using a cotton bud to apply a thin layer of Phibrows Skin Candy, repeat this process 3-5 times a day to avoid dry scabs. After 24 hours, you do not need to clean eyebrows any more but keep applying a thin layer of Skin Candy 4-5 times a day until brows are healed (3-5 days). This process will help to keep treated area moisturised and soft for the rest of recovery period. 

DO NOT RUB OR PICK your eyebrows as you might pick out strokes and leave spots in newly reconstructed brows, even though you might feel itchy during the first phase of healing process. It may take 5-7 days for treated eyebrows to heal depending on skin types. 

No sun beds, tanning, facial peel, IPL Treatments, swimming, sauna, excessive sweating in the gym, no makeup or anti aging creams on the brow area for at least 7 days. It is best to allow the brow to heal first before using any of the above.

The way you take care of your new brows after microblading will have great impact on the way it looks. Improper care often results in fading or “patchy” brow.


Entire healing process will take from 4 to 6 weeks depending on your body’s regeneration, age, immune system and lifestyle. The pigment will be completely developed and come up to the skin surface only after 4-6 weeks. Normally, the brow colour after healing process will be 40 % less dark  and hair strokes will be 10-15% shorter than the brows just after microbladed. Often, even with proper care, customers loose original hairstrokes which makes brows look uneven. It is absolutely normal because your natural skin regeneration is not a process that brow artist can control. That’s why most customers are required a touch up session after 4-6 weeks to be able to complete and get perfect look in the end. 



- Microblading will not be performed on pregnant or breastfeeding women 

- If you are on multiple medication or having diseases, any kind of allergies please check with your doctor before making appointment for microblading!

- Client needs to fill in the health form and sign the consent form to be able to confirm appointment 

- Microblading can not be performed on  dark tattooed eyebrows unless old tattoo is removed or wait until the colour fades very light 

- Microblading eyebrows is semi- permanent, last 12-18 months then fade. Thus, a touch up after 12-18 months needed if you would like to maintain the same look

- We DO NOT do touch-up on other's artist works. In most cases, we have to redo from beginning instead of touch-up. View our policy for more details.

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